In March of 2008 the state vending associations of Pennsylvania and New Jersey officially merged to form the Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council (PA, NJ and DE). Tri-State is a state council of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA.) Tri-State AMC seeks to promote and protect the common business interests of the vending, foodservice and office coffee service industries, and to improve our service to the public. We believe that vending should be responsive to and meet the needs of today’s lifestyles. Our members are dedicated to providing the best possible products at convenience locations and at reasonable prices. The Tri-State Council is proud of its members and their record of service to the industry.

We currently retain the services of lobbyists to monitor legislation in Harrisburg, Trenton, and Washington D.C. that would have an adverse effect on our industry. This allows us to act before a legislator's idea becomes law.

You'll be helping to preserve the current sales tax relief that exempts virtually all vended snack sales from sales tax and to preserve the current sales tax law in New Jersey that exempts 30% of vended food and beverage sales.

What would it cost your business if the vending industry lost this tax relief?

You'll be helping to monitor local per machine taxes and fees, keeping them as low as possible.

You'll receive notices and invitations to general membership meetings, receptions for legislators, annual meetings and golf outings.

We are your advocate. To remain effective, we need your support.

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For More Information Contact:

Josh Walberg - State Council Manager

Tri-State Eastern Office

Phone: 571.346.1900

E-mail: jwalberg@namanow.org

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Tri-State AMC Members, please join us for our next membership meetiong on Wednesday, April 14th at 12:00pm EST. 

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