Tri-State AMC President 

                                                                                         Scott Wechsler

I’m Scott Wechsler, President of Quality Express Coffee, a coffee service based in Tullytown, PA. Previous experience includes Vend-Rite Services, and Dairy Express. That has allowed me experience in not only coffee service, but also full line vending, and specialty vending. 


The Convenience industry, like so many industries, is in turmoil, due to Covid 19. My business, like most of yours, has suffered. Also, suffering greatly are government tax revenues, especially at the state and local levels. States and Municipalities are going to be looking for any extra revenue they can bring in.


This brings to the importance of Tri-State, an organization to promote the Convenience industry in PA, NJ, and DE. As most of you know, Tri-State is a division of our national organization: NAMA. Please feel free to contact Josh Walberg, at Along with NAMA, we are trying to assure, that our industry is looked at positively, and treated fairly, by our various Government Organizations.


We are using our dues money to lobby legislators in both NJ and PA now. We know that taxes and fees are going to increase, but we need to make sure that we are not singled out as an industry, and that we are treated fairly. We need to be alert for unfair “placement fees” etc.



So, here is my simple ask:

1.    If you have previously been a member of the Tri-State AMC: Thank You! Please pay your 2021 dues at this time.

2.    Get involved. We won’t ask for much time, but we need to stand strong together, when we do have events, or need letters sent out to legislators.

3.    Please promote Tri-State to others in the industry including fellow Suppliers, Vendors, and Competitors



 Scott E. Wechsler

Tr-State AMC President

Quality Express Coffee